Monday, June 25, 2012

Multiple Source Files

** Deprecated Post -  This has been a feature of my code as of Dec 10, 2010 **


I have a few parsers created for .nessus files to do fun things but I found that most scans are not perfect. They lack the proper coverage or a firewall was up or account was locked .... what ever it may be people end up with multiple scans that they need in one report.

So I have tweaked the two main scripts from last week to support as many source files as you want to toss at them. They still need some work but I had this thought on the plane ride to an assessment and thought it would be a necessary enhancement to the code.

So cheers now you can take multiple scans and get one report. I do have plans at a later date to create a bit of code to merge .nessus files just out right but till then, this works for me.



  1. Jason,

    which two main scripts are you referring to ?
    and it will merge nessus v2 files ?

    1. All of the scripts at this point support multiple Nessus V2 files and will merge them.