Monday, June 25, 2012

Nessus Compliance Data Views



I started working today on a view for Nessus compliance Scans
(example output shown below)

This bit of java will read .nessus files for the pluginIDs associated with Windows and UNIX compliance scans and restructure the data.

With this code you get a x (hosts scanned) , y  (tests conducted) view of the data contained in the file. When scanning many hosts this allows you to identify trends in baselines much quicker in addition to a simple way of spotting misconfigured hosts.

It will build the data sets dynamically from the .nessus file and supports output of html and xls.

You can run this code with the following command-line:

java XMLCompTable input-file.nessus > output-file.[xls/html]

Looking forward to moving on to my next projects with comparing scan results over time and statistical analysis of risk identified in scan.

As always if you find an issue or improve this shoot me a note (always trying to learn) and if it helps you great!

Let me know 



--- A Thanks to @trav_harrington who gave me the original inspiration by creating a parser for pre-parsed NBE files in PHP a few years back.

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