Monday, June 25, 2012

NoVAHA - Dec Talk Report Hacking


Jason Oliver Talks Nessus Report Hacking at NoVa Hackers Dec 2010 from Georgia on Vimeo.


I had a great time tonight giving a talk at NoVAHA (North Virginia Hackers Association - tonight. I personally find the topic of making reporting simple and quick very interesting and enjoy researching it. I think we should be able to gain easy access to cuts of data that highlight important items in a way that makes information jump from the page.

In addition I find parsing data for reports by hand to be just flat out bad for business and very expensive. If you are spending months creating tables of data for reports ..... your doing it wrong.

In the slides linked above (on the left) I break out some of my methods for quickly analyzing Nessus data from the command-line.

Thanks to all the NoVA Hackers and guests for listening to me chatter on about reporting and a big thanks to @vincentkadmon for recording and video editing!



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