Monday, June 25, 2012

NMAP - XML Flat File



I got started on a tangent today to parse some XML output from NMAP into a flat file for Excel and thought it would not be to bad.

Well after 4 or 5 hours of goofing around I got the file working and thought I would toss it up online. It would seem if people are kicking around the idea nothing easly accessible was available for the task.

So this code takes output from the following:

nmap -PN -O -oX outputFile.xml

It will convert it into a Excel or HTML table of the following:

IP Address, Port Number, Service Name, Status, Host OS

you can run it with the following command

java XMLNMAPReader *.xml > OutputFile.[html/xls]

cheers - maybe it will help you if not it might help the guy that started me down the road (thx @grecs, its been a fun day)


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